Monday, April 20, 2015

Solo PVP in Every Ship

The following list is my own personal progress in my goal to solo PVP in every (or just about every) ship in EVE. It also includes my favorite ships and favorite fittings when I have a preference. In most cases I have flown in 1-5 different fittings for each ship, and on average 3. I am almost done with tech 1 frigates, rookie ships, interceptors, except for a few odd cases. Obviously I've flown many ships in classes larger than frigates and destroyers, but I am still working on better skills for those classes in most cases. The example fights listed aren't necessarily the best I had in the ship (they do not include fights versus small or large gangs, for instance) but they just represent a bit of what the ship can successfully fight against, and matter to me personally. This list is purely for the sake of my own personal goals in EVE, and certainly not an attempt at being an "elite" PVPer. It's simply me having fun with "completionist" goals:

Solo Kills and Favorite Fits

T1 Frigates:

Favorite: Breacher, Atron, Merlin, Tormentor, Tristan, Probe

         Favorite fits: 1. AB, AAR Neutrons (LS)
         2. AB, 150mm Railguns (LS)
         Favorite Fit: Dual Rep, Cap Booster (LS)
         Favorite Fit: Dual MASB neuting “baby Tristian”

          Favorite Fits: 1. LML MSE
          2. Dual MASB Rockets
          Favorite Fit: Neutrons, MSE, Dual Web, AB “honor Merlin”
Kestral vs. Executioner
          Favorite Fit: Rocket, AB or MWD, MSE scram range kiter (LS or NS)
          Favorite Fit: Dual Web, AB, Scram, TD

          Favorite Fits: 1. SAAR, TD, 200mm Autocannons (LS)
          2. MSE, TD, 200mm Autocannons (LS)
Breacher vs. Tristan
          Favorite Fit: 1. SAAR, MASB, rockets (LS)
          2. MASB LML kiter (LS)
          Favorite Fit: Dual MASB battle probe

Executioner vs. Cormorant
          Favorite Fit: SAAR, Focused Pulse, scram-range kiter (LS)
Crucifier vs. Crucifier

Rookie Ships:

Navy Frigates:

Pirate Frigates:
Garmur vs.
Daredevil vs.
Dramiel vs.
Cruor vs.
Succubus vs.
Worm vs.
Astero vs. Caracal Navy Issue

Ore Frigates:
Prospect vs.

Ares vs.
Claw vs.
Malediction vs.

Stealth Bombers:
Nemesis vs.
Manticore vs.
Hound vs.
Purifier vs. Harbinger Navy Issue

T1 Destroyers:
          Favorite Fit: 400mm plate Dual Light Pulse Lasers
          Favorite Fit: LML MSE kiter
          Favorite Fit: 200mm Autocannons, MSE
          Favorite Fit: MSE, Light Ions. Small Neut
          Favorite Fit: Neutrons, Web, max DPS “honor” catalyst
          Favorite Fit: Dual MASB Rockets

T3 Destroyers:
Confessor vs. Cerberus
          Favorite Fit: Dual Light Beam, SAAR, 10MN AB, Kite Confessor


  1. Some great kills, great work!

  2. The sad truth is that most of listed kms are battles against unskilled frightened newbros or carebears. Really, a battle report of a close call battle against gang would be more fascinating.
    May be its just me but friglolling is no more fun. I've better dive with 10mn arty svipul or 100mn gecko vni against a ten men gang.

    1. Yes, some of them are against newer or lower SP players, such as kills in rookie ships or PVP fit logistics frigates (you try going solo in a navitas! it isn't easy lol). Most of them are not, for one because many are against higher classes of ships than I am in, and second because many of these fights are from when I was 1-2 years playing (I only started solo PVP after a year or so of playing), so I was a newb for most of these fights. But, as I said, they are not about elite pvp but my own personal goals to go out and solo in every ship I can, and my 520+ losses can testify to how often I take risks =p In terms of risk-taking, 10mn svipuls are about as risk averse as you can get currently, esp. compared to, say, undocking in a rifter in the current meta.