Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rubicon Patch Notes - Some Small Things

Sometimes patch notes contain overlooked changes which turn out to be significant for some players. Here are a few small things I noticed in the Rubicon patch notes:

1. "New jumpgate sound implementation to support new effects (activate, deactivate etc.) - players can now hear when someone enters." This is nice, since I will be able to hear if someone activates a gate if I am alt-tabed out. I'm also strangely excited that they are adding "5 new music tracks" to low sec, and the music in ghost sites is pretty awesome from what I've heard so far.

2. "The maximum number of fittings that a user can save has been increased by 100. As a result characters can now save 200 fittings and corporations 300 fittings." Finally! Though, to be honest, it won't take me long to reach the new max saved fittings.

3. "An issue which caused the in-station environments to disappear has been fixed." Minor, sure, but this happens on my laptop quite frequently, so I'm hoping it fixes my problem.

4. "Removed clouds from a few missions and exploration sites, which caused frame rate drops." Hurray!

5. I don't think this was on the patch notes, but it was confirmed in the forums recently that cloaked ships will not start the timer in ghost sites. I will be taking full advantage of this mechanic if/when I find these sites...

Looking forward to Rubicon more than any expansion I can recall...

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