Thursday, November 21, 2013

What I do in EVE

I enjoy hearing what other people “do” in EVE—where they live, what their character(s) primarily do, how they make isk, what their goals are, etc.--so as part of the introductory posts to this blog I will describe a bit about what my two characters in EVE do and what their goals are.

Main character – Sven Viko Vikolander (

PVP: At just over 2 years old and 37m skill points, Sven focuses solely on PVP—my main reason for playing EVE. I've always planned to try every form of PVP, sticking with those I find most enjoyable. Sven has done everything from RVB, faction warfare, and low sec piracy, to smart-bombing, baiting mission runners, and ganking miners/haulers. I still have a lot to try, and even more to learn, particularly since the majority of my EVE PVP career has been solo (or in largely anonymous RVB fleets). Sven has lived primarily in Placid, Verge Vendor, and a bit in Genesis (and obviously the RVB systems). However, he is currently in the process of visiting every system in low security space, a project a hope will eventually come to fruition...
Goals: Sven's long-term skill plan stretches over 700 days. He is primarily skilled for frigate and destroyer combat, the vast majority of my PVP experience so far, but is currently working on cruiser and medium turret skills. I am in the process of making a number of videos with him, but I've played EVE solo for far too long, and am looking to finally join a PVP corp and be something other than an anonymous solo member.

Non-combat Alt

Living in low sec:
My non-combat alt primarily lives in an isolated low security space region. Unlike Sven, she avoids combat entirely (however, I've learned a lot about how to find targets in low sec by living there as a noncombatant—avoiding PVP—in part of my EVE career). She does not travel to this region, but either jump clones in or uses a wormhole (my main method of transporting goods in and out). However, she also functions as an occasional combat scanner for Sven, and is closing in on perfect scanning skills.
Goals: In terms of skill training, she covers everything Sven doesn't. Currently, she just acquired the ability to fly freighters, and is working toward a blockade runner (dat warp time!).

Exploration: As you can tell from my earlier post about exploration, this character does casual exploration in a low sec region. While this is no longer my main source of income, I plan to continue living and exploring in this region when I have some free time and don't feel like PVPing. For a little side income, she also does some casual PI in this region.
Goals: With Rubicon comes some new content for her, which I've prepared for by training into an AF to run low end DED sites (mostly for something new). Perfect scanning skills are about a month away. However, I am thinking about different ships to use in 5/10 and 6/10 DED sites besides my lowly HML Tengu, and may add some options in the future.

Market Trading:
I got into trading primarily by reading the blogs of other traders (some of which I track in my blog list). I gave station trading a try but found it too time consuming, so I switched to managing two regional trade hubs, shipping items myself from Jita and only restocking/updating orders once every few days. I am going on 4 months into this project and I am closing in on 10b in profit—not bad for a small, inexperienced start-up. It fits my play-style because I have a lot of time semi-afk—time in which I am close to or at my computer but can't devote much direct attention to EVE (e.g., reading at the computer)--which is perfect for tasks like hauling.
Goals: In October, I made 2.7b in trading, as much as 260m on one fortuitous day. November is looking more like 2.1b in profit. I am worried that my profits will plateau while my number of sell orders will continue to rise. Unlike some (serious) traders, I doubt I will ever have more than one character trading. That means I will only trade up to the total number of sell orders possible on one character—beyond that, and it eats up more time than I am willing to devote to trading. Long-term, I hope to reach 100b in profit—small fish for serious traders, but massive for me considering that Sven has only lost 2b in isk in 2 years of PVP!
I also hope to feature a lot of posts on trading in the future, but I am reluctant to describe my locations and orders etc. Instead, I plan to pick a new region and describe the process of starting a regional trade hub there, going through potentially good items and so on (without actually starting the hub).

Future Projects?
There is so much in EVE I haven't done, but would like to try one day. Mostly this involves PVP, but also manufacturing, living in null, and living in WH space.

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