Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why You Should PVP in the New Custom Ship Skins

The ship painting pilot program was just announced:
Finally, some might say.

What are these new ship skins going to be used for? The prices are fairly modest, at around $0.25 per frigate. On the other hand, that's basically like flying a navy frigate over a T1 frigate, with no bonuses besides swag. So...are they going to mere collectables? I hope not. Here are five reasons why you should PVP in these ships at least once:

1) Because it will generate fights. This is one of the main reasons I will be flying some of the frigates when they are released. People love to fight special edition ships--the added swag adds incentives for people to engage, without which that Rifter might not warp into your duel-rep incursus sitting at 0 in a plex, etc. This is what makes flying stuff like the InterBus Catalyst so much fun, and has worked well for me in the past while flying ships like the Sarum Magnate.
Magnate bait decently good bait
2) To support the pilot program! The most obvious reason is that buying and flying in the ships will show CCP that there is an interest in developing the project further, and that players will actually use these ships. (Though I think the prices on all of the ships could be lower, to incentivize using them in space. So don't fly too many?)

3) For the added adrenaline. If you are like me, the price of your ship contributes to the adrenaline of PVPing in it.

4) It will make awesome killmails--both when you die, and when you lose. Who knows, maybe you will score the first solo kill in the new Krusual edition Rifter? Or maybe the first loss mail? Either way, that rocks.

5) Because swag. If you can afford it, it is worth it to fly swag. Need more be said?
Who wouldn't want to see this explode?

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