Thursday, August 21, 2014

Testing Burner Missions

Burner missions are coming with Hyperion and they are on Sisi with only a few days for testing—time for tweaks and fixing the bugs but likely close to the final form. That doesn't leave much time for even bug testing, so if you have any interest in these missions it would be worth logging onto the test server,  trying them out, and leaving feedback. A feedback thread started here, where I posted some first impressions. After running more of these missions and reading more feedback my impression has stayed pretty much the same: 

First, they can be easy with the right fit, and second, no, they are not at all like frigate PVP and players aren't going to learn much about PVP fitting from them. It already appears that efficient fittings for these missions are going to be what I would call “cheese” fittings, quirky fits that counter each specific burner but mostly useless in any other context. The types of frigates that will be able to run these sites is fairly limited, insofar as you need far more DPS than almost any frigate can match (in fact, thus far it seems the worm in various fits is by far the best frigate for running all 5--a nice potential investment at the moment, perhaps). Giving up on the idea that they are going to help players learn to fit for PVP or somehow simulate frigate PVP, they look to nonetheless be quite fun.

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