Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Month of 50 Losses

In mid-October I turned (EVE) 3 without even realizing it--56m skill points on Sven, a little less than 3 years of training due to an initial few breaks. Looking at the list of game's I've played in the past few months shows a nearly empty list except for EVE. My list of goals in EVE is still relatively unchanged:

-Solo PVP (win or lose) at least once in every combat capable ship in EVE.
            -> I am still working on T1 frigates and a few destroyer fits, but I am very close to having solo'ed   
                  in every T1 frigate/dessy in a variety of fits for each. I was recently inspired by this reddit post,  
                 where the author describes getting a killing blow in every T1 frigate, to expand my solo PVP 
                 goal to include attempting to solo in as many ships as I can--rookie ships, logi frigates, and so 
                 on, included. I've since gotten some pretty silly kills while flying rookie ships and exploration/logi 
                 frigates--it has been a lot of fun so far.
-Get experience with every general form of PVP in EVE 
-Get at least one kill in every low sec constellation in EVE 
Exploration and General Gameplay
-Visit/explore every system in EVE at least once
            -> I've recently completed a number of empire systems, as posted about here.
-On my market and trading character, get to a full set of orders (304) and at least 50b in stable sell orders. 
            -> Completed at the end of summer. My trading has remained stable since then, and I've since used  
                 profits to make long-term investments, partly via industry after looting a bunch of BPOs.

Fear of loss, risk adversity, and obsession with killboard statistics are some of the quickest ways to grow bored with a game like EVE. I've managed to accumulate almost 1.5k solo kills, including hitting over 100+ for 5 months in a row; however, to celebrate the beginning of the next 3 years, my goal for November is to lose 50 ships. I should be able to finish my initial goal of flying in every T1 frigate and dessy in the process, and move up to interceptors (only about a year late on this one...). 50 losses, not caring about how many wins, just being out in space trying new things and taking bigger risks than usual. I have 2-3 of each interceptor fit up, with fairly standard as well as some experimental fits; 8 firetails, 6 algoses (my last destroyer), 8 tristans (saving the best T1 frigate for last!), combat fit logi frigates, and an assortment of other frigates left over. I will likely be venturing into null more than I usually do as well.

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