Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lucky Ducky

An unusual bout of luck graced over my EVE characters this week. First, during some late night PVP, and second, during some irresponsible hauling. It started with auto-piloting, and ended with auto-piloting...

Sometimes the fights flow like milk and honey in EVE (usually, they don't). Taking a break from some PVP projects I am working on last Saturday night, I decided to do a quick roam in Placid in an Enyo. I pop into Covryn and find an auto-piloting E-UNI Bestower leaving system. Using my AAR charges, I take gate guns and manage to explode it and the pod—nothing special—and I lazily bounce to the sun. Immediately a BRAVE Harpy lands on top of me and—for no reason at all—I cancel my warp out, realize I am in structure with the AAR on reload, and attempt to warp. Again. I OH the microwarp and spam warp. Down the structure goes, until I warp at the last second. At 1%, 16 structure points left. (Incidentally, I had a random 3% structure implant fitted to the clone—for all the times fights in frigates end in low structure.)

Luck had not yet run out, though. (Besides the unlucky choice not to record any of this.) A minute later I finish pewing a FW Tristan plexing and the Harpy warps on top of me. Unable to pull range, the kiter goes down quickly. After repairing, I am thinking not to push my luck as I bounce off a FW plex—when a wild Sabre appears! I had spotted it on dscan and loaded void, hoping it would have a nice and fat shield buffer. It does, and when his shields fall and my AAR runs out, we both plummet into structure, but he pops first. And all of this happened in a mere 15 minutes.

Next bout of luck, this one involving auto-piloting, too...

I frequently make stupid mistakes in EVE. Usually on my trade and exploration alt, and usually because I am distracted IRL. I really out-did myself yesterday, though. I often transport goods to my regional markets in a super-buffer Orca. On a return journey, I set the route to Jita and hit autopilot, but didn't realize I had it set to shortest route. I return to the computer some time later, only to find my alt 3 jumps into very busy FW low sec, super-slow-boating her way on by. I warp to station, and later that night manage to mosey on out, slipping by 40 in local, including a dominix sentry fleet in the process, pretty much just embracing my yolo-luck at that point.

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