Monday, February 10, 2014

Unorthodox PVP

In the upcoming months I am going to release a set of tutorials on what I am calling unorthodox PVP in EVE. One of my longstanding goals in EVE is to try out every form of PVP available in EVE. Thus far, at 2050 kills over 2 years, I've only scratched the surface: I spent a lot of time learning the ropes in RVB, then spent a lot of time as a mostly solo pirate in low sec and some time in faction warfare. I haven't seen much null sec pvp, almost zero wormhole pvp, very little small gang and even less large fleet warfare, etc. 

But I have dabbled in quite a few types of “unorthodox” PVP, and currently have a number of projects planned based around this gameplay. What do I mean by “unorthodox”? I mean, roughly, forms of PVP which involve using gameplay mechanics to more or less force PVP. One way to find a fight is to fly to low security space and wait until someone comes to pew. One of the beauties of EVE, though, is the myriad of ways of engaging players who do not necessarily want to engage you—fighting on your own terms, with or without friends or alts. Some of these types are often seen as “dishonorable,” but I will explain ways of doing them while staying (relatively) classy, and all of them can be a lot of fun. A lot of them are more accessible to new players looking to PVP than the more common ways populated largely by more experienced players. Here are the types of PVP (more so griefing than pvp, some would say) I have in mind for the tutorial series: 

1) Baiting and killing high security mission runners.

2) Baiting and killing high security space targets, usually at stations.

3) Hauler ganking (miner ganking included, but there are a lot of tutorials on this already)

4) Solo smartbombing! 

5) Explorer hunting.

6) Solo camping and trapping in null sec

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  1. I look forward to reading about the explorer hunting. :)