Monday, May 19, 2014

What to do when you don't need Isk

About a week ago, JonnyPew released a few new videos. JonnyPew, a great content creator for EVE, is also one of the main reasons why many pilots--myself included, way back when--got into exploration in EVE. In his welcome back video he raised an interesting topic--what does one do in EVE when one does not need isk? PVP was his answer--and PVP is my own answer. For the most part.

However, I've hit a strange point in my EVE career(s). Due to an explosion of sales--not really correlated with an explosion of play time, incidentally enough--I've hit 32 billion in sell orders, with an expected 8b in just this month. What's insane about that, for me, is not just that the isk has poured in in spite of my limited play time, but that in almost three years of PVP I've only lost 3.3b--and not for lack of trying. So I guess the first thing I need to do is PVP in more expensive ships, and I am working on that goal with my "solo in every combat ship in EVE" project.

I do feel like there is something fun about trading in its own right. Moving goods myself, watching them sell, seeing long-term trends in the market. But my play time is not really focused on making isk. So what does one do in EVE, if not for isk?

Besides the usual PVP when I have time to focus on it, here are some random things I've done in the past month in spite of--or, better, because of--not needing isk:

- I bought security tags for Sven so he can roam around high security space.

- On a few occasions I've tried being a "high sec white knight," fighting mission baiters and station baiters--even to the extent that I've earned my market trader her very first kills. I am going to work more on this project--the pirate who turns into a white knight every so often, I guess.

- I've developed a compulsive mobile structure destruction disorder (CMSDD).

- I've practiced my "forum warrior" skills on the EVE feedback thread for the new tool tip system (I really can't make a habit of this--bitter vet it does make).

- For some reason, I've started doing high sec combat sites and anomalies. I do 4/10s in cruisers (which can lead to some PVP-ish) and I pretty much f- up blood raider hideaways in my astero, for no reason whatsoever.

- I have also taken the time to compulsively organize all of my space goods. Everything I own on all my characters is now nicely organized into only a few stations. My "Assets" tab makes me look like I started EVE last week.

- I've also made friends with some new players, taking some on exploration roams into low sec (best part was when we saw a carrier cyno out of an otherwise empty system in low sec--the new bro asked if "some shit is doing to go down like BRB [B-R]" here? and I could only say probably, probably) and helping others learn PVP. One has come an impressively long way in the past month, finding his way into a null sec corp and comfortably PLEXing his account a few months in advance.

So I guess my answer to the question "what does one do in EVE when one has enough isk [besides PVP]" is . . . really random stuff. Like really random.
What's awesome for me, though, is that after almost 3 years of EVE not only have I experienced only a tiny fraction of the game, but I still find enjoyment out of almost all of it--even the silliest parts.

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