Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Market Milesteones - 5 months over 10b isk

It has been a while since I've updated about my trading income and current goals. In the last update, back in August, I updated about my first year of trading. Tracking my total profit has become a lot harder, but also less of a concern. Here's the basic results, with the numbers in isk in millions from trade:

August ended up being my best month for trading, reaching 15 billion. My activity declined in September and October, and I started a few new projects, but I still reached over 10b per month. That puts me at over 100b in total profit, with the bulk of that obviously coming much more recently (looking back, those first seven months were painfully slow! Fortunately, 1b isk was a lot to me at the time, and trading was a side project to exploration). Here's what I am working on currently:
  • As I posted about here, a side project I've been engaged in for the past 3 months involves destroying abandoned POS modules, such as labs and assembly arrays. Finding them is difficult, and with limited play-time I am lucky to find 1 a week, but they have the potential to net a massive amount of isk. Thus far, I've reached nearly 20b isk in drops--blueprints, ships, and materials--from this project, though it has slowed considerably (this income is not reflected on the above graph). I also continue to do casual exploration, and that provides a surprising amount of isk these days.
  • As a direct result of the POS-clearing-project, I was able to dabble quite a bit in industry via the fully researched blueprints I found. I've since added a few items to my regional markets that I produce, adding roughly 10-20% profit over buying from Jita prices on these items. A considerable amount of my profit in August and September went into industry. However, I don't really track my industry profits (they are not reflected on the above graph, for instance), and I couldn't even ballpark what I've made besides saying a few extra percent on some items. It was more a learning experience than anything.
  • In terms of my trading, before Phoebe hit I did a massive review of all the items I trade, removing around 50 items and adding another small market I trade at instead. I've also increased my market at Simela by roughly 100 orders, a project you can read about here. This is a very slow market that doesn't need frequent updating, so adding orders does not add much extra time for me.
  • Since my markets are mostly done growing in size (number of orders, frequency of updates, etc.), I've poured most of the profit into long-term investments. My trading is not constrained by good items to trade--there are thousands!--but by play time.

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