Tuesday, December 22, 2015

EVE Online IS a Solo Game

There are a lot of myths about EVE Online. People say it is only full of rude, mean, psychopathic cheaters out to steal your money, for instance, but the community is full of genuinely nice people who party together in person many times a year in Iceland and Vegas. (Without bloodshed or fisticuffs.) We even do our best to help those who suffer from depression and other real mental illnesses in online chat channels like Broadcastforreps.

Probably the top myth about EVE, though, is that it is not a solo game. And sure, most new players do benefit from joining a corporation or alliance. CCP has shown statistically many times to the effect that players who join corporations early in their career in EVE stay in the game longer, and my advice to new players is always to join a good new player group like EVE University or one of the many great new player null sec alliances like Pandemic Horde. But, EVE remains a game that is extremely well suited to solo play, just as much as, or even more so than any other MMO on the market. The simple reason for this is: you can do virtually everything solo in EVE that you can also do in a group!

You can do level 1 to level 5 missions solo. You can run the hardest, most dangerous exploration content in EVE solo (and keep all the isk for yourself!). You can run a high sec industrial empire, solo, and even take and own POCOs and set up (or knock down) starbases containing billions of isk, solo. You can become a feared PVP pilot solo, in ANY ship, from a rifter to a battleship to a titan to an alliance tournament ship that costs ten times the average titan hull. You can trade or invest your isk solo, and become one of the richest players in EVE, solo. And the best part is? You can be completely solo in EVE Online while also being an active member of the EVE community! You can make videos, stream on twich, post on reddit or the forums, write in a blog, travel to Iceland, join NPSI fleets that do PVP or missions or mine or run incursions, or donate thousands of dollars to CCP's charity events, all SOLO. Stay in a newbie corp like CAS for all it matters, you can do everything in EVE solo that you can do with 5000 other players. 

Solo just makes it all the harder....but it also makes it all the more rewarding when you finally succeed. And you will succeed at whatever you aim to do, if you only put in the effort.