Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Favorite Blog Post of 2015 - Suitonia on Ship Balance

There's no player I've learned more from in EVE than Suitonia, also known by the youtube account EVE is Easy (or, for those who know "the Terror of Querious," SharkPrince2001). His youtube videos introducing solo PVP are the best introductions I know of to PVP in the game. His video "20 Day Old Amarr Character Executioner PvP" is the first thing I recommend to any player, old or new, looking to get into PVP. Watching his videos about soloing in null sec is how I first learned to PVP there.

More recently, Suitonia has been blogging at Suitonia.wordpress with some of the most well-argued, researched, and careful balance discussion I've seen in EVE or any game community I've been involved in, and his most recent post "The Top 5 Most Oppressive things in the solo/small gang meta right now" is far and away my pick for the best blog post of 2015. I was thinking about posting something very similar, but he argues for these changes far better than I ever could.

It's not that I 100% agree with him on all of his suggestions, but that I cannot refute any balance arguments he has made because of how well reasoned they are. This recent blog post, though, really captures the main problems in balance in EVE currently, and his blog as a whole is in my opinion the highest quality EVE feedback available currently. 

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