Friday, December 4, 2015

Making Billions is Easier than Solo PVP

I don't really like shooting things that shoot back, but when they are pinatas sitting in space it is hard not to. These days when scanning systems I only scan down clusters of 5-10+ structure sigs, making scanning a few dozen systems in under an hour pretty easy on an alt while doing other more interesting things. Another POS down, another 3.5b in BPOs, and since they are all fully researched it will likely amount to 5b+
These days, players in EVE seem to be more risk averse when it comes to their Svipuls than other players are with their POSes full of BPOs. Making a lot of isk in EVE is a lot easier than other forms of gameplay, especially, it seems, in 2015 compared to previous years. Finding a few good solo fights is like pulling teeth, but finding billions of isk while mostly afk is inanely easily.

Fortunately, there continues to be a good supply of solo players making EVE content these days, even, when such content in game can be hard to find. Streams doing solo PVP are in good supply, including some of my favorites: Mr Hyde, Zarvox, Suitonia, Prometheus Exenthal, and a lot of others are making awesome content at the moment--including none other than Big Miker continuing to make videos. Though player numbers might be low these days and content harder to find, there are a ton of players who continue to to play EVE the hard way, and share it with others. I hope it lasts.

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  1. Hi, One question when you wardec you kill the POS and scoop the modules or you destroy them? and loot whatever it drops?