Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 Accomplishments, 2015 Plans

One of the main things that keeps me playing EVE is having large, personal goals. Many of my goals are "complentionist:" PVP in just about every ship, visit every region, and so on.


Trade, Exploration, and Isk
In 2014, I made, in total: 125 billion isk from trading, around 20b from destroying modules of offline POSes, around 3-4b in both casual exploration and from LP in faction war PVP.

One "exploration" goal I have is to visit every system in EVE at least once. Here is the map view of systems I've visited at the end of 2013:

And here is what it looks like now, in January of 2015, a pretty drastic change:


1578 kills, 122 deaths.

I tried to lose 50 ships in one month and failed though not horribly.

While I primarily flew solo and often in an NPC corp or my own corp more recently, I also flew with/in Stay Frosty, a few faction war corporations, Brave Newbies Inc., and (increasingly) in a few dozen public / NPSI fleets.

I made a lot of progress in my PVP goals for EVE. I aim to (1) attempt to solo in about every sub-capital ship, trying out all the "standard" and some not-so-standard fits for them, (2) PVP in some form in every region of the game, and (3) try out every "type" of PVP, though primarily solo. I am nearly done with Tech 1 frigates and destroyers, and have made a decent dent in pirate, navy, Tech 2 frigates, and Tech 1 cruisers.

I also made a lot of friends in 2014, many of which include newer players I've come across. My contact list in game has more than doubled.


Trade, Exploration, and Isk

I will continue trading in 2015, though I am no longer expanding markets in terms of number of orders. I might trade in different areas, and I will certainly change stock to some degree as market trends in 2015 evolve, but my trading is roughly where I want it at the moment. I hope to make around 12b a month, ending the year off at 150b isk from trading.

I also plan to continue to do casual exploration and occasionally search for, and hopefully destroy, more offline POSes, maybe making a bit of isk there as well.

And, of course, I will be visiting new systems. By the end of 2015, I hope to have visited every high security and low security system at least once.


Time constraints permitting, I hope to total at least 100 kills every month of the year and, more importantly, at least 5 or so losses per month--ideally, deaths in glorious solo combat etc. etc., but dying in a fire to blobs also works in a pinch.

More importantly, I hope to finish the first phase of my completionist PVP project, flying solo in every tech 1 frigate, destroyer, and cruiser. With the recent changes to beam lasers I have a few new beam fit frigates to try out, but this should be an obtainable goal, so I also plan to start making progress in tech 2 frigates, destroyers (t3 dessies included), and cruisers.


In December, Sven completed the last racial cruiser skill to V. Racial frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and battlescruisers are all to V, and in two weeks he finally will have access to all medium-sized tech 2 weapons (saving projectiles for dead last, a decision which goes to show how much the change has changed since 2010-2011)! In the queue for the next few months are going to be the tactical destroyer skills to V, gunnery and missile specializations to V, and some of the tech 2 ship skills to V. For my main trading alt, she is working on link skills and jump freighters, while my other minor alts are finishing covert op skills for scouting.

New Goals: Living in different regions

At the end of 2014 I briefly moved to null sec--my first real experience living there since I've started playing. It was a lot of fun, but it also made me realize how much I like living in new areas of space. Some PVP groups are relatively nomadic, moving multiple times per year in pursuit of new space and new fights. I don't think I've fully appreciated this lifestyle until now, so I'm thinking about moving more frequently. My trading alt now has a bowhead, and is fairly close to a jump freighter, both opening up possibilities for risky but large-scale moves that I've never before had. Should I pack up and move to new regions every few months, or should I move to Thera and let the wormholes do the movement for me? I will be posting more about this soon, once I make up my mind.

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