Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Different Kind of Market Luck

I'm in the process of consolidating my trading a bit and trying out some new items in some hubs. I finished my side-project of trading in Thera this week (post coming soon about how this project went), I pulled out of another regional hub, and I added some new items to my other hub markets. This means a lot of goods to move, but I had a rare stroke of luck today:

That's a HS to HS wormhole, one jump from Jita, that led straight to a trade hub I was hoping to stock today. I frequently use HS/LS wormholes to find PVP in other regions of k-space, but I have never found a HS -> HS wormhole useful for logistics before. This was a rare find as I don't usually scan in the areas I trade. Even if I actively scouted for such wormholes, this would be a rare find indeed. I was able to get a few freighter loads hauled via the wormhole, about as "safely" as I have ever transported goods.

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