Friday, March 13, 2015

I will miss her ... Power Creep, T3 destroyers in the current meta, and my first confessor loss

This post is about two things. The first is how sad I am that I lost my first confessor. I've never really gotten "attached" to a particular ship before, but I got really attached to my first confessor. I got around 200 kills in my first confessor before dying. I grew attached somewhere around the first or second kill, when I knew this was the ship I'd been wanting in EVE for a long time--in fact, that this ship was too over-powered to last. I had so many narrow escapes! At one point, I was tackled and multi-webbed by a gal mil gang (including Roy Henry in his own confessor) but--somehow--managed to over-heat, burn in the right direction, and get a warp off. That was a weekly occurrence. I was in stricture in fights so many times--even just earlier the night I lost it, I fought a incursus+vexor  and only won after killing all the drones while going into structure.

In that first confessor, holy hell did I have a lot of fun. I've basically flown nothing else for February and March. With the bonus to scan probe launchers, I had a sisters combat launcher fitted, allowing me to scan down ships as well as signatures (and everything else--from drones to mobile structures). I ran countless exploration sites in this confessor, including 4-5 4/10 combat sites, and made close to 1b isk just exploring in this ship (not only that, but I blew up not a few explorers that got in my way, too!). And many of my kills in my first confessor were ships I scanned down.

I killed a 7-player frigate gang.
I killed assault frigates.
I killed a bomber+confessor+thorax gang.
I killed some strange EAFs.
I killed a Cerb, a Myrm, and many others I found exploring or missioning with scan probes...

I've never been sad to lose a particular ship before. I lost this confessor after around 20 minutes of fighting a large EVE University gang. I had multiple frigates and destroyers and a few stabbers in armor but they never seemed to die (they had a logi on field as well, as well as a Lachesis and multiple VNIs, not to mention Astarte links blissfully sitting on station as well). Yeah, it wasn't a great gang to fight, but no matter, it was fun. The only kill I ended up getting was a griffin and its 30m isk pod, but I must have destroyed 20-30 drones fighting this 10+ player gang over the course of the 20 minutes or so while I zipped around field trying to pick off targets. But it was a lot of fun, and I guess the best way to lose a great ship is while outnumbered, out-gunned, probably out-skilled (all of which E-UNI never fails to provide me, it seems). I seem to die to their gangs more than anyone else, but I'm fairly fine with that.

Well, the second thing this post is about is that tech 3 destroyers are vastly over-powered. They represent the latest iteration of "power-creep" in EVE as Fozzie+Rise rebalance ships with what seems to be the sole intent of adding one new FOTM after another just to keep PVPers interested in new things while the rebalancing works has slowed to a painful crawl in the past year or two. That's my cynical attitude, but it doesn't take a PVP genius to know that the t3 destroyers are simply too good, to the point that they raise the question: if you are flying anything at the destroyer-frigate level (or the tech 1 cruiser level), why fly anything but one of the new t3 destroyers? There's no reason in virtually every situation. They have better base stats than their tech 1 destroyer counterparts, even without the modes. I originally expected that when a t3 destroyer was in one mode, it would get penalties to the stats in the other mode. Instead, no matter what mode you are in, you still have above average stats in every other category compared to assault frigates, destroyers, and even dicter stats in most cases.

On the other hand, I don't care how broken they are, I loved that confessor, and will sorely miss that ship...


  1. Well I do a bunch of pvp in svipul and the only thing which makes t3 dessie OP is ability to easily fit 10mn ab.
    Without 10mn these vessels won't be that superior.
    Imo confessor is far ahead svipul in plain damage applying and his speed mode is obsolete. Though svippy has 4th med slot for cap booster and do pop active rep frigsize (I managed to kill a dualrep vexor also).
    And yeah the passive svipul tanks 450 dps, provides 230 dps (1km optimal is a joke though) and cruises with 10mn ab.

    Waiting for a T3 cormorant with 5 med slots. That would be my dream ship.

    1. Take away the dps, and still, if you look at the 1) DPS, 2) active tank on the svipul, and 3) fitting space, T3 destroyers are still vastly ahead of even dictors, which ccp essentailly confirmed at fanfest, i.e. the current T3 model is OP.

  2. Do you have any opinions as to how to fit an confessor, post update? I seem to have bought mine after ccp removed two of its gun slots.