Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Last week, while casually browsing through Placid in my beloved Astero, I spotted a Megathron on scan. In a belt. Which could only mean one thing: juicy target. I sneak up, uncloak, get point, and start chipping away with my little drones. It looks like I am breaking his tank, but it will be a while--maybe a long while. And I have a problem: I need to get the bus in 10 minutes. Fortuitously, the player offers to random his ship! We settle on 250 million (which seems high for a vanilla battleship, so I'm torn--I really want to know why he is willing to take the risk on a ransom almost twice the cost of his ship). I agree, and let the player go, for which he is quite thankful. This might not be my first ransom, but it is surely my first memorable one.

That isk ended up going to PLEX for Good. EVE is a funny game.

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