Friday, February 7, 2014

The Best Thing about (Not) Playing EVE

Been very busy lately with srsbiz, which means less time for EVE. In fact, almost no time for EVE. Getting behind by even a week in any other MMO I have played means having to do some serious grinding upon return—especially if you play end-game content with a group of people. In EVE, though, there is no sense in which I am “getting behind.” Sure, I make less isk, but that's not an issue since I spend less while gone. Leaving for a period means plugging in long skills, and then returning with an immense sense of satisfaction that my characters have made significant progress while away.
Currently, Sven, at 40m (mostly PVP related) SP, is (finally) training to V in racial cruisers and getting T2 medium guns. My trader and explorer is making that last push to get perfect scanning skills. Both of these skill plans I am very much looking forward to using.

As a result, in every other MMO I've tried, there was an exponential decrease in the amount I desired to return to that game for every week or so absent. In EVE, though, there is a slow but steady increase in how much I look forward to returning.

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