Thursday, January 28, 2016

Table of Contents (Guides on EVE Lost and Found)

PVP Guides

Solo PVP in Every Ship
-Discusses my progress toward the biggest goal I have in EVE--doing solo in every ship--and lists ships killed and my favorite fits

Solo Stealth Boming

-My guide to doing effective bombing runs while solo.

Wormhole PVP: Part 1
-My first experience doing solo PVP while living out of a wormhole

3) A Nice 15b Isk Drop From a POS - But Is It Worth the Time?
2) Pillaging POSes: Now and Later
1) How I Made 15+ billion isk Shooting Starbases – Or, Unorthodox PVP Part II: POS Destruction

-A three part series on finding inactive POSes in high security space and destroying them for potentially large amounts of loot

Unorthodox PVP Part 1: Baiting Mission Runners
-My first guide on niche forms of PVP, from when I was a fairly new player.

5) Tons of New PVP Options with the (2015) December Release
4) Hunting the  Elusive Good Fight - November (2014) Solo PVP in Review
3) The Best Guide for New Player Solo PVP
2) What Solo PVP Looks Like - In Graphs
1) Practicing Flying Skills for Solo and Small Gang PVP

-Miscellaneous posts about my progress toward learning solo PVP, such as using out of game tools, learning to solo in null, finding fights during dry spells, ship fittings I've used, and so on

Exploration Guides

Sansha Wormholes for PVE and PVP
-A guide to making isk in the three Sansha wormholes, one of my favorite places for exploration and not widely known about in the EVE community

Besieged Covert Research Facilities - now spawning in a system near you
-Covers fittings for running besieged covert research sites as well as the average loot drops and value (currently being updated for 2016)
Gas Harvesting
-My experience making a one month character to harvest gas sites in wormholes

3) Four Months of Casual Exploration - Some Statisics
2) The End of an Era (with some exploration statistics thrown in) 

1) Exploration and Isk - 7 months of Statistics 
-A three-part series on living nomadically in low security space doing primarily exploration. This was how I made my first billion in EVE and then was able to PLEX two accounts doing something I really enjoyed.

Market Trading Guides 

2) Hauling 1 Trillion Isk
1) Safe(r) Hauling

-How I haul large volumes and isk amounts, without incident in over 2 years

2) Trading in Thera: Part 2
1) Trading in Thera: Part 1 - The Plan 

-A two-part series on a small trading project I did in Thera

3) Investing 100b Isk - Update II
2) Investing 100b Isk - Update I
1) Investing 100b Isk - An experiment

-A three-part series on a project a did that involved investing 100b isk in long-term markets

6) Market Milestones - Reaching 300b Isk
5) Market Milestones - 20b in One Month

4) Market Milestones - 200b Isk from Trade 
3) Market Milestones - 5 months over 10b Isk
2) Market Milestones - 10b in One Month
1) Market Milestones

-Covers all of the progress I have made in doing trading (regional and station) to make isk

3) Some Good Places to Trade
2) An Applied Introduction to Regional Trading: Part II - Items to Sell
1) An Applied Introduction to Regional Trading: Part I

-A three-part guide to getting into regional market trading, with specific examples of locations and items

Taking and Owning POCOs Solo 
-Covers the player-owned customs office system and how to (potentially) take over POCOs as a solo player. I also discuss the profit I make off a number of HS POCOs and how I would defend them if/when attacked.

Misc. Guides 
Ten Things You Can Do With a One Month Alt

-One of my favorite guides which covers a bunch of different useful alts you can make using only one month of skill training (particularly relevant since the release of skill trading)

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